Flair Gifts

Trading Terms

All initial orders are Pro Forma, and will remain so until a credit rating is established. Accounts are offered to regular trade (ie. monthly orders and more than just at Trade Fairs 3-4 times per year.) Orders need to meet our minumum requirements.

Credit applications should be lodged if you would like to open an account for future use. Please note it may take several weeks to approve an application.

Once a credit account is established payment on the account must be received 30 days from Invoice date.

No subsequent orders will be filled until an outstanding Invoice is paid in full. No statements are Issued.

Minimum orders are $400.00

Returns and Credits will only be accepted following notification within 7 days of receipt of goods.

Goods may only be returned by a carrier approved by us.

Freight will be to your account. We endeavour to pass on to you the lowest obtainable freight rates. "Flair" will pay this charge on your behalf and charge accordingly on each invoice (unless otherwise notified.)

We understand it is in both our interests to keep charges as low as possible.

Payments will be accepted by Cheque / Cash or Mastercard / Visa